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Masscomedia is one of the Top Mass Communication Colleges of India.

Masscomedia is one of the Top Mass Communication Colleges of India that transforms its students to become a real professional in the selected field of media. In this regard, this mass communication college is well equipped with lots of resources of latest technologies such as a radio studio, TV studio, a number of online classrooms and a photography studio. This institute has also approval by the Central Government Agency i.e. UGC (University Grants Commission). It offers various mass communication and journalism courses to the students like Documentary Production, Broadcast Journalism and TV Production, PG Diploma in Mass Communication, Advertising and Journalism, Master Program in Advertising, PR and Marketing and many more.
Masscomedia Colleges
Masscomedia Colleges
This premier mass communication institute has also affiliation with Deakin University, Australia which has won the prestigious Australian University of the Year award two times.Masscomedia allows students to do programs with major sequences in various areas for e.g.Film and Television, Media and Communication, Photography, Journalism andPublic Relations. The courses of Masscomedia combine theoretical studies as well as practical training. After completion of courses from here, you can have various job opportunities in the field of reporting, production, animation, direction, media management and much more.

Why We Should Join Masscomedia? - Here is the reasons why you should join MassCoMedia:

No doubt, the industry of media and entertainment brings a lot of career options as well as good earnings and professional contentment. Every week, new TV channels, Websites, Radio stations, Newspapers, colorful magazines and journals are being introduced. So if you want to make your career in this field, you should be keep updated yourself. Masscomedia, the first nodal institute of Mass communication, is situated in Noida.  It provides state of the art facilities such as industry-standard TV studios, radio studio, e-classrooms, photography studio and provision for commercial content development etc. It is well-equipped with well furnished classrooms and e-corridors that will provide full accessibility for the project work.
Mass Communication & Broadcast Journalism
Mass Communication & Broadcast Journalism
Masscomedia also has collaboration with Indian as well as International universities that offers many undergraduate and post graduate degree programs in Mass communication & broadcast Journalism. This mass communication institute has 450 students capacity campus in Delhi. It imparts hands-on training that empowers the students for creating the professional content right from the beginning. This great institute also has a good placement record for the students in the field of Media, advertising, animation and Public relations. So you need not worry about your job. After completing course from there, you can easily get a decent job in an esteemed organization.

Media today touches every aspect of human life. Advanced and innovative communication tools and technologies have shrunk the world giving a new meaning to the medium of media. A stint at MassCoMedia will equip you will all the necessary tools through which you can make a mark in your career.

Here is the reasons why you should join MassCoMedia:
The need of the hour is professional education. Specialized courses and degrees in mass communication offer students a more in-depth knowledge and a wide spectrum of opportunities in media, including journalism, advertising, animation, public relation, event management, TV production / direction, broadcast journalism. 
Media is about being where the action is MassCoMedia is committed to instil the right mix of courage and conviction into a student to enable content of substance to be delivered. MassCoMedia is in sync with industry requirements using state-of-the-art and in-vogue equipment systems. Its studios and edit bays as well as other facilities are comparableto those of leading news channels in the country.
News and entertainment apart, media is about:
  • Production
  • Planning
  • Executing
  • Packaging
  • Events
  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Software development
  • Animation
  • Gaming

Selection of The Best Mass Communication College

Are you going to join a Mass Communication Course and searching for the best Mass Communication College of India? Today, an individual should take admission in the good mass media college from preventing the last minute panics and apprehensions. In India, there are so many accredited mass media colleges. But one should select the college as per location preference, affordability and of course the overall reputation of a college. Here I am giving you a checklist that may help you in selecting the best Mass communication college for you.
  • An individual should take admission in such a college that has been certified by education bodies or council dealing with mass communication and journalism.
  • One should pick a college that offer course content which enable the students to work for many media sectors.
  • Ensure that college is imparting practical knowledge for instance, usage of cameras, computers and other equipments which are used by the journalists.
  • An individual should ensure that college is providing any placement facility or not. After completing your course, you need not worry to search a job for you.
  • A candidate should select an institute which believes in providing the extensive training to the students of the real media hubs for e.g. TV stations, newspapers, radio stations etc.
Do you want to build your career in documentary films? If yes, then you should join a documentary film making course from Top Mass Communication Colleges. In this course, students create, organize and develop resources of learning for Documentary Production. Documentary film is a category of visual expressions that referred to movies shot on film stock. It also covers the productions of video and digital that can either direct to video or made for a television series.
Masscomedia, one of the Top Mass Communication Institutions of India, offers Documentary Production course. The duration of this course is six months that covers introduction to films in general, visual, communication, fiction, music videos, advertisements, documentaries etc. This documentary film making course also explains packing shots selection, framing, visual grammar, use of BG symbolism in the visual media and much more. Students also learn basics of editing i.e. transitions, montage, speed/tempo, taking story forward etc. After completing the course from Masscomedia, students will well versed in the principles and diverse theoretical, legal and practical areas, theory, principles, law and practice of particularly broadcast journalism and much more. This mass communication institute also has 100% placement record. So you need not worry about job after completing the course.

Journalism Courses From Masscomedia

Do you want to build your career in such a field which has a lot of excitement, prestige and glamor? Journalism is a field that offers all these things. In this field, it includes television, newspapers, magazines, radio, Internet and much more. After completing a course in Journalism, an individual can kick start his career as editors, writers, photographers, broadcast presenters, magazine specialist etc. In the job profile of a Journalist, it involves many tasks like writing, reporting and editing reports etc. Anyone can become a good Journalist who has brilliant ideas to develop new stories every day. As a journalist, a person gathers high quality news from various sources and does research and presents in such way that is understandable.
Masscomedia, one of the Top Mass Communication Colleges of India, introduces manyJournalism Programs to meet the growing needs of the industry of top professionals of Mass media. It offers a new age of mass communication concept. The aim of this institute is to transform the students into real professionals in their interested field. This Mass Communication College brings many world class facilities to the students such as well furnished classrooms and e-corridors, smart cards for marking attendance, outdoor TV studio, video graphics lab, PG facilities and much more.

How Can You Make Animated Flash Cartoons?

Are you looking for improving the visual style of your animations? With a little bit practice and tips, you can do great work. Here, I am going to provide you some useful tips that may help you in creating the wonderful Animated Flash Cartoons.
Animated Flash Cartoons
Animated Flash Cartoons
Use Shape Tool
Do you know that shape tool (squares, circle etc.) that you use, helps you to keep the file size of flash files down? This tool also helps in creating a smoother look for the things you draw. Pencil tool provides us a lot of freedom for drawing. Simply put, we can create anything with this shaping tool along with a little practice.
The framerate of a cartoon greatly impacts on the visual style. If you have higher framerate, things will look smoother. Having high framerates, you will have to animate more and more frames for compensating. If you want choppier look of your film, you will require a lower framerate.
Make Your Own Style
It is advisable that you should try to make your own style. For being a successful flash cartoonist, it may take sometime. You should make a movie with your own style.
Animation Courses
Animation Courses
In India, there are lots of best animation institutes. Masscomedia is one of the Top Animation Institutes offering many Animation Courses to its students. This institute is famous amongst the students who intend to build their career in the field of animation. It also boasts of various superb facilities for e.g. an animation lab with latest technologies, a superior quality radio, a large TV studio and so on.

Bachelor Degree Program in Mass Communication

The word Mass Communication means great volume, range or extent and reception of messages. This program has been emerged as a feasible career option amongst the youngsters in the last few years. Mass Communication Courses have been introduced by a lot of Top Mass Communication colleges in India. A Bachelor’s Degree Program in Mass Communication prepares students for the proper communications environment. With the help of high-quality course content and lectures, a student can polish his writing and can strong his verbal communication skills.
Mass Communication Courses
Mass Communication Courses
After earning a bachelor’s degree in Mass communication, an individual can start his career as Journalists, Editors, Public Relations and corporate communications professionals and can start his career in the fields such as advertising, event management and even marketing.Masscomedia is one of the premier Mass communication colleges that offer many Bachelor’s degree programs in Mass Communication. Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication program is a three-year course that includes equal grounding in Print Journalism, Advertising, Broadcast Media, Media Arts and News Media, print relations and much more. The eligibility criterion for this program is Class 12th. This course also provides thorough knowledge and skills to the students which are required for becoming an effective and efficient media person.

Career Opportunities in the Field of Animation

Today computers play a significant role in our lives. Now everything is computerized in every sector for instance, Science and Technology, Banking and insurance, aviation, hospitality, BPO, KPO and so on. In the revolution of computers, there is a big expansion of E-commerce in our country. It includes a lot of things such as E-shopping, E-ticketing, E-trade etc. But except from all these things, computers have become the necessity part of all fields of media too. In this field, content writing is required for every field of media. Another most important part of usage of computers is in Graphic Designing and Animation. Animation is essential in almost all shows of TV and film shows. In this field, there are many job opportunities. You may find many advertising agencies who are looking forward these professionals.
Career in Animation
Career in Animation
Masscomedia is also India’s prestigious Animation Institute that offers many high-qualityAnimation Courses. This college aims to provide the practical training in shooting movies, news documentaries and much more. It also offers state-of-the-art infrastructure such as a well-equipped animation lab, a large TV studio, a great radio studio etc. The institute also has highly experienced and trained professionals who have great experience in their respective fields.